Introduction to Bert Cross II

Bert Cross II

With over thirty years of experience in the music field, Bert Cross II has served as a music director of bands, social functions, performances, plays, musical dramas and productions. Bert is a music producer, composer and a minister of music. Bert holds two degrees in music from Bishop College and a Master degree from Texas Southern University. Bert has received numerous awards, citations and credits.

Bert Cross II is currently the producer and a recording artist for BC2 Productions. Bert Cross II is a songwriter, multiple keyboardist, computer music arranger and programmer, music teacher, project studio owner and performer. He has produced 25 projects, 3 singles, 3 Korean Christian CD’s, 3 action independent film scores, 1 documentary film score, 2 video credits and over 20 songs recorded by other artists. Bert Cross II has written and performed 4 musical dramas, and arranged 1 musical drama for the music of the famous Alvin Batiste in New Orleans.

Bert Cross II has also performed at numerous conventions, youth groups, schools, hospitals and festivals. He has conducted music workshops and seminars all across America. Cross has performed and served as musical director and keyboard/singer on one Korean, Norway, and French tour as well as 3 European (Germany, Italy and Switzerland) tours.

Being aware that the gift of music came from God, Bert Cross II has always and will continue to thank God for his talent and favor. Therefore, Bert Cross II is dedicated to providing a forum for presenting God inspired works through the diverse musical styles and genres in the performing arts. Soli Deo Gloria.


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