Introduction to Bert Cross II

Bert Cross II

Bert Cross II, received his Bachelor of Music Performance, and Music Education from Bishop College. He received his Master’s degree in Music Composition from Texas Southern University, and a Master’s degree in Music Education from Boston University. After being the a successful vocal jazz director for the Howard University Jazz Department for three years, he is currently the Coordinator and Music Director of Music Theatre in the Howard University Theatre Arts Department.  Cross has served as the music director for the past four Howard University music theatre productions. His credits include Music Director/Co-Music Director for Sarafina, Anything Goes, The Bubbly Black Girl, and I Too Sing America. Other production credits include You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown for the Ensemble Theatre in Houston, Texas.  In addition,  his theatre credits include Decisions and Dreams, The Magic Cloak, Alice in Wonderland for the Texas Southern University Theatre, and Children’s Theatre programs.  Bert Cross II, was fortunate to be a part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival history as the conductor for the WIZ in 2016.


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